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To watch a video full-screen, click on the ‘play’ button and then on the box-with-corners icon at the bottom-right of the YouTube player. Press ‘Esc’ to get out of full-screen mode.


A powerful example of humour to make a pointBBC‘s ‘Charlie Brooker’s 2015 Wipe‘ features a mockumentary on immigration led by Philomena Cunk and Barry Shitpeas. Absolutely worth the watch. (3 minutes)


We Walk Together The Guardian. Thousands of refugees were sleeping rough at Budapest’s Keleti station, waiting for trains to take them to western Europe. Then, they just got up and walked. Guardian journalist and filmmaker John Domokos went with them, every step of the way. This is the superb story of one Syrian family and those who came out to help. (17 minutes)


Britain Detained Real Media. An excellent film. In 2017 alone more than 27,000 people were entered into the 8 detention centres across the UK. 47% were asylum seekers. They’re held (sometimes for years) in the equivalent of Category B security prisons, pending removal or deportation, but also many are held just while being assessed on whether they have a right to remain in the UK. They are denied liberty and separated from friends, family and support networks. Rooms are shared with strangers, and asylum-seekers can be paired with convicted criminals, or with a person from a different country or tribe with whom there is long-standing conflict. (17 minutes)


Surviving One of the Deadliest Routes to Europe: Refugees at Sea VICE News/MSF. In the wake of the decommissioning of Mare Nostrum, a search and rescue operation run by Italy, the humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) launched their own vessel to find those stranded at sea and and in trouble on one of the deadliest routes to Europe. VICE News teamed up with MSF to document these extraordinary search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean and speak to rescued refugees and migrants, hearing about the suffering they have endured. Gripping. (32 minutes)


The Syrian refugees rebuilding their lives in Britain: Extended FilmBBC Newsnight. Over the course of 11 months, Newsnight’s Katie Razzall charts one family’s journey from a war-ravaged Syrian town to a new life in Newcastle. When their son, Omar, is accused of sexual assault, their nightmare continues. After a 3-week trial, Omar was found not guilty. (24 minutes)


UK: Scuffles erupt as Britain First rally overrun by massive Welcome Refugees demo Ruptly.TV. Scuffles broke out between police and antifa demonstrations in central London as a massive crowd of anti-racism protesters rallied to oppose a tony demo staged by the far-right group Britain First. (2016) (3 minutes)


Lift the Ban: “Life in Limbo: The Refugees Desperate To Work in the UK”HuffPost Reports. For refugees seeking asylum in the UK, a decision on their claim should be reached by the government within 6 months. However, it can often take longer: sometimes even years. While waiting they aren’t allowed to work and must survive on just £35 per week. The Lift The Ban campaign is fighting for restrictions to be reduced, allowing people to work sooner. (6 minutes)


UK Border tensions: Anti-immigration protests on the riseBBC Newsnight. As increasing numbers of migrants attempt to reach the UK in small boats, anti-immigration protests targeting asylum seekers have begun to rise. Shows right-wing activists from Britain First harrassing asylum-seekers who have temporarily been placed in hotels. (10 minutes)


My experience hosting a refugeePersonal vlog of 18-year-old Bryony (in the UK), who lives alone but owns a 2-bed flat and decided to host a refugee. She’s astonishingly knowledgeable about the facts around asylum-seeking. She took in an Ethopian woman who spoke almost no English. (9 minutes)