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Live Skype video call to inspirational Syrian refugee in Jordan

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7:30pm, 17 October 2019
Allhallowgate Methodist Church Hall, Ripon HG4 1LG

What’s it like to live as a Syrian refugee in Amman – where there’s the same language and culture, but no hope? When you’re 21 and a widow, with 2 small children, and you’re not permitted to work? How do you survive when the UN can no longer afford to give you food vouchers?

Fast-forward to 8 years of living in this state of suspension, and all that seems to have happened is loss. Will that call from the UNHCR, with a promise of resettlement in a new country, ever come for YOU?

Come and watch a live video call to Amman, Jordan, where we’ll speak to Asmaa – the extraordinary young women whose story this is. What she has done with her circumstances is inspirational and not to be missed. You can ask your own questions, too.

NOTE: The technology should work – but if it fails us, we hope to be able to show a relevant movie instead.