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Ripon CoS AGM 2019

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The Ripon CoS AGM was held on 13 May 2019

We featured:

  • A written AGM report 2019 (PDF booklet)
  • A brief revew of the number of refugees around the world and how the UK fares in terms of statistics (see this within the AGM PowerPoint presentation)
  • A 15-minute film about a Syrian family walking across Europe as part of a huge column of people. Along the way they encounter local people, whose reactions are either positive or negative. Their interactions are interesting and thought-provoking.
  • An information sheet about what’s going on in Venezuela.
  • An update of our work and plans for the next year.
  • Another 15-minute film, this time about indefinite detention in the UK – we’re the only country in Europe that does it!
  • A call to action to campaign to end the practice of indefinite detention by sending a standard letter to Julian Smith, MP for Ripon.
  • A vote of thanks to Robbie Scott, who has been such a support in taking our booking and helping with technology at Allhallowgate.