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The Sovereign Borders Bill is only that: a bill. It has to get through several stages of amendments before it becomes law. The number and scale of amendments depend on the amount and scale of opposition. That’s why it’s vital for anyone and everyone who opposes the bill to join together and make our voices heard. 

1 – The government

A massive thank you to everyone who responded to the government consultation by the 6 May deadline – whether individually, as a school, or as a third-sector organisation. We have removed our guidelines from this page as the consultation period has now closed.  

The consultation period was far too sudden and far too short (at half the length of the government’s own guidelines for consultations). However, many of our supporters participated, as did we as Ripon City of Sanctuary. We all did the best we could in a poor set of circumstances.  

What’s next?

We are engaging with other organisations to bring you the best/most effective next steps in the campaign:

Please check back soon for the next steps.    

2 Write to Julian Smith MP

Until 6 May, the deadline for the government consultation on the new proposals, we provided a template letter to Julian Smith MP. This letter protested the short, sudden and complex nature of the consultation itself.


What’s next?

Now that the consultation deadline has passed, we will begin asking Mr Smith about the content of the proposals themselves. Please check back soon for a new template letter.  

We encourage you to personalise these template letters. MPs take individualised letters more seriously than when they receive hundreds of the same letter.

3 – Share on social media

If you don’t already, please follow us. There will be multiple posts about this issue.

Most importantly, please share posts to your own feed.

Perhaps you’d be willing to like and/or comment (which means Facebook/Twitter will show our posts more often).

Talk to everyone you can

Tell your family, your friends, your colleagues and your milkman. Put it on social media. People need to know before it’s too late. 

It’s surprising how many people really do care but don’t always hear about what’s going on. If they’re concerned, ask them to do something about it.