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Ripon has a long history as a place of sanctuary

Ripon City of Sanctuary is not longer an active City of Sanctuary group. You can contact Cathie Rutter at [email protected] if you would like information about supporting refugees in Ripon. If you wish to learn more about City of Sanctuary activities across the Harrogate district please check out the Harrogate District of Sanctuary website.


Ripon sanctuary stone

Ripon has a long history as a place of sanctuary, and our goal is to help continue that. In 937, King Athelstan created a ring of sanctuary around Ripon by placing eight crosses on the roads approaching the city, with the cathedral at the centre. Only one of these now remains but you can still follow the Sanctuary Way Walk around the city.

Join us in walking the Sanctuary Way on Saturday 18 September to raise money to bring a refugee family to Ripon.    

Ripon City of Sanctuary was established much more recently, in 2016, but we are proud to continue the idea of sanctuary in our city. As part of the national network of City of Sanctuary groups, we help to promote a culture of welcome for asylum-seekers and refugees both within our area and nationally.

To help to build this culture of welcome, our local group gets involved in: