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The UK's Policy Response to Small Boat Crossings in the Channel

Refugee Rights Europe
(February 2021)
“Rather than acknowledging the root causes that drive people into dangerous migration routes – of which Britain’s own border securitisation policies have been shown to form an integral part – the Home Office has continued the expensive, ineffective and indeed deadly approach that has defined much of its own domestic immigration policy: deterrence, surveillance and removal.”


Being Human in the Asylum System

Jesuit Refugee Service
(April 2021)
Envisaging a just and person-centred asylum system by bringing refugee experience and policy analysis into conversation with Catholic Social Teaching, against the backdrop of new, deeply troubling government proposals for an overhaul of the asylum system.


I am Human - Statelessness in the UK

UNHCR (April 2021)
Millions of people around the world are stateless, and some are in the UK. How do they come to be stateless? How do they come to be here; h
ow do they live? And what happens to them?


Taking Stock and Facing the Future - The infrastructure and resources of the UK migration and refugee sector

Migration Exchange (April 2020)
Marking a decade of shared focus on migration and public attitudes among a group of trusts and foundations in the UK; how they work across boundaries of geography, role and approach to improve our capacity to achieve social change.


Why the Home Office is failing asylum-seekers

Public Accounts Committee (November 2020)
here is a long way to go before the Home Office delivers what it has promised on accommodation and essential services for asylum-seekers… services were ‘set up to fail’ [which] had a significant impact on asylum seekers, hugely exacerbated by the pandemic.”


A Guide to the Hostile Environment: the border controls dividing our communities – and how we can bring them down

Liberty (April 2018)
Government policies deliberately set out to make life unbearably difficult for people in the UK without legal status. However, a very high proportion of Home Office asylum decisions are overturned, so rightful asylum-seekers are victimised.


Refugees Welcome?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees (April 2017)
An excellent report which details the things that most need to change about our asylum system. An accessible read containing stuff everyone should know.


The benefits of having friends who aren't 'just like us'

BBC News article (April 2018)
People tend to make friends with people similar to them. However, mixing with diverse people can stimulate creativity and benefit both the individual and society.


Many Rivers Crossed

British Future (April 2018)
50 years on from Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, this report explores contemporary attitudes to race and integration.


The City of Sanctuary national charter

(April 2018)
Find out about the national charity’s vision and values.