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Financial support

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We are so grateful for the amazing support we ‘ve had from churches, individuals and community groups, and always welcome either one-off or regular donations. Our funds are spent in 3 ways:

  • providing direct support to refugees – such as covering the costs of a trip or social, or urgent needs. Since the families have been in the UK since 2016 and 2018, they’re fairly well settled and mostly self-sufficient, and offers in kind (eg furniture) may be needed more. However, we do need to raise £600 per year (when we’re not living under COVID!) to bring a coach of refugees from Wakefield or Hull to have a lovely day out in Ripon. They get a chance to see the countryise, tour Rippon, have lunch, and meet Ripon’s Syrians. Some great friendships resulted.
  • activities which promote our objectives – such as bringing a speaker or musician to Ripon, or print/display materials
  • operating costs – inevitably we must fund our operating costs, such as travel, materials, and insurance. So we’re very grateful for donations which keep us going as a group!

How to donate

Please note that there’s a separate page if you want to donate to Community Sponsorship.

  • By cheque – Please make cheques payable to ‘Ripon City of Sanctuary’ and contact us for how to get it to us.
  • In cash – We’re happy to take cash donations and can let you know how your money was spent.
  • JustGiving – We won’t get 100% of your donation because a small percentage will go towards JustGiving’s operating costs. However, JustGiving is a trusted charity donation platform, and it’s efficient. You can’t set up monthly payments this way; it’s just for one-offs. Donate via JustGiving.
  • Donate online – We have a NEW account with the Skipton Building Society so you can donate online to Ripon City of Sanctuary:
    Sort code 20-78-91
    Account number 70798924
    Reference number (ESSENTIAL) 995320254
    It will show up as a Barclays Bank account (which does clearing for the Skipton). The reference number is vital, or your donation will slosh around at the Skipton and won’t actually go into our account. When you do your bank transfer, your bank will give you the option to add in a reference number, so just insert the above number there.


If you’ve had thoughts about fundraising for us, please let us encourage you! Do talk to us about it.

Gift Aid

Ripon City of Sanctuary is not currently a registered charity, and therefore we cannot reclaim Gift Aid.