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Community Sponsorship – The steps for getting there

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Here are the steps to getting a family resettled in Ripon

The time between Step 1, when we first form our group (April 2021) and Step 8, when we welcome the family, is likely to be between 12 and 18 months.

Step 1

The community group is formed and we start planning (this is the stage we're at now)

Step 2

The local authority gives consent for us to be a community sponsor in this area

Step 3

We start to raise £9,000

Step 4

We apply to the Home Office to be approved as a community sponsor

Step 5

When the approval is granted, we sign an agreement with the Home Office

Step 6

A refugee family, identified by the UNHCR, is proposed as a potential match

Step 7

We work with the local authority to consider and decide if this family is right for us

Step 8

The family arrives in the UK and comes to Ripon (typically 6 to 8 weeks after step 7)

Step 9

We are monitored to check we're delivering to plan and the family is settling well

Step 10

After one year, we are released from our formal obligation to look after the family

Types of Community Sponsorship approval that can be granted:

1 – Final approval

We get final approval when we’ve demonstrated that we’ve met all of the criteria.

2 – Approval in principle

However, to give us time to raise the £9,000, and to avoid housing sitting empty, we could also apply to receive approval in principle (with conditions). This allows our application to be approved against most of the criteria, giving us certainty that, if we can meet the financial resources and housing criteria at the end of the process, we’ll receive final approval.