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Donations and gifts for new Syrian families

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3 new Syrian families are due in Ripon in November. Each family will need to spend 10 days in quarantine, so it will be very challenging for them, especially as they can only bring a suitcase each and the children won’t have any toys. Arrival in a strange country is enormously stressful and we’d like to help ease this difficult time for them.

That’s why we’re collecting some basics to give the families a warm Ripon welcome, and to help them to pass the 10 days as quickly and easily as possible. There are 2 categories of things we need:

  • Welcome gifts for each individual (as easy/enjoyable as it is to buy for children, mums and dads bear the brunt of the stress and need a warm welcome, too!)
  • Household items.

What can you contribute?

Welcome gifts for individuals

Supporters have already started contacting us because people love to welcome the families by donating a gift in advance. Each of the 3 families has a dad and a mum, and across them all are 6 childrenSo if you’d like to contribute, we’d suggest up to £10 per gift. It works like this:

  • If you’d like to contribute an gift for a man, woman or child (or multiples, if you like), think of your own idea OR choose something from the list below. Please see our notice at the end about what shouldn’t be donated. Personal gifts should be new, not second-hand. 
  • BEFORE YOU PURCHASE/DONATE ANYTHING, please let us know what you’re getting. This way, we can avoid getting 12 of the same thing! 
  • If you wish, you can put in a card or note welcoming the family to Ripon, and even put in a photo of yourself or your family. Feel free to write it in English, and include your name if you wish. You can also download and print this text in Arabic and pop it in as well (it says: “Welcome to Britain, and especially to Ripon. We hope you will settle in quickly and be very happy here. We hope your quarantine period is not too difficult.” It prints 2 to a sheet of A4, so you may need to cut one side off). 
  • Please deliver it to us BEFORE 9 November 2021. We’ll let you know where to deliver when you contact us, above.
  • We’ll then put all the gifts for each individual in a gift bag, and arrange for the bags to be left in the house on arrival (even we don’t get to hand them over!). 

Suggested gifts for 3 men and 3 women

  • Nice toiletries or gift set 
  • Fragrance (men or women)
  • Warm socks
  • Warm gloves (eg Thinsulate)
  • New jigsaw (max 500 pieces)
  • Game such as draughts, cards, dominoes
  • Puzzles that don’t require English
  • Small kit of something that’s not too messy or difficult to put together, for example
  • Scarf (warm knitted for men or women; for women could also be suitable as a hijab)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Nail kit for men or women (if for ladies, could include nail varnish & remover)
  • Book of photos of North Yorkshire
  • Chocolate or biscuits (no nuts)
  • Small throw, to help keep warm on the sofa
  • Small houseplant

Suggested gifts for children

We’re looking for age-appropiate gifts for:

  • A girl aged 8
  • A boy aged 6
  • A girl aged 3
  • A girl aged 3
  • A boy aged 2
  • A boy around 18 months

Suggestions are for indoor activities to help cope with quarantine. For example:

  • Colouring kits (paper, pens, colouring books)
  • Mega Bloks or Duplo (not Lego due to small parts), or stacking cups, etc 
  • Fuzzy Felt
  • Simple construction kits (max age 8)
  • Puzzles, including very simple jigsaws or shape-sorters
  • Dolls to dress
  • Ways to start learning numbers in English
  • Soft toys and bath toys
For the youngest child, sensory toys would be especially good, such as tactile rattles or some kind of sensory light.r

Household items needed for each family

Items should be new OR second-hand but showing little wear (from experience, we know how much stress it causes if items don’t work properly or soon break, as the families feel bad about it)

  • Needed: A microwave
  • NeededA free-standing kitchen blender/food mixer
  • Nice to have: A nest of coffee tables
  • Nice to have: Spare sets of single or double duvet covers and pillowcases (not bedding itself).
We have managed to find a TV for each family already, thank you. We don’t require any other furniture at this time, but may put out a specific request later.

Things that shouldn’t be donated

  • Anything pharmaceutical, eg Calpol or paracetamol
  • Anything containing nuts
  • Anything that requires batteries
  • Outdoor games such as footballs
  • Toys involving guns/violence 
  • Carpet-destroyers such as paints or modelling clay
  • Books which require a knowledge of English 
  • Electronics
  • Any gifts for individuals worth over £20.  

How can you get donations to us?  

To deliver to us, or to have us collect from you, please email us or send us a message via Facebook.

Any queries?

Please just drop us an email.