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Volunteering with us

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If you have a heart for refugees and asylum-seekers, there is plenty that you could do to help – depending on your interests, time and skills. The Syrian families in Ripon are encouraged to be as independent as possible, so there isn’t always a lot to be done directly with them. However, volunteering in other ways will usually bring you into contact with the families anyway!

Your options are as follows.

Take on a named volunteering position…

From time to time, we advertise specific roles and ask for anyone who’s interested to apply. If we have any current openings, here are our volunteer role vacancies.

…or just lend a hand when needed

For example:


Perhaps you could help with catering or room set-up, serving refreshments, greeting people, publicity, or anything else, according to what you fancy. The sort of events we mean include:

  • Our public talks to raise awareness of asylum issues
  • Refugee Week events (June every year)
  • A poetry reading at Ripon Poetry Festival (October every year)
  • Planning and running parties and social events for the Syrian families in Ripon
  • Welcoming refugees/asylum-seekers from other towns who come to us for a day out.

Refugee Week

Every year at the end of June, an organisation called Refugee Week invites the whole country to think about asylum-related issues. It’s a great way to focus our efforts and engage with the community in Ripon, so we try to organise as much as we can, from public talks to going into schools to fundraisers. It’s a big chunk of extra work, but very much worth it. We’d love to have people join our Refugee Week planning team, so if you have time, ideas or skills to offer, please get in touch!

Volunteering placements for the families

Could you co-ordinate the search for – or even offer – volunteering work placements for local refugees? Volunteering would help to get them work-ready, enabling them to build skills, practise their English, and meet new people.

Any queries?

Please just drop us an email.