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Current vacancies for volunteers

This page was posted 27.11.2020. Let us know if you’re interested!

If you’d like to have a chat about any of these roles, drop us an email.

At this stage, feel free to just get in touch and ask questions without obligation. We’re looking for people who care about refugee issues and who are hands-on and reasonably organised; the rest can be picked up as you go along, just as we’ve all had to do!

  • Live vacancy: Campaigning support
  • Live vacancy: Arts sub-committee member
  • Now filled (Nov 20): Schools work co-ordinator
  • Now filled (Nov 20): Collection & distribution co-ordinator 
  • Now filled (Nov 20): Partnerships co-ordinator 

All positions are in support of existing roles, so you won’t need to take on any major responsibilities. And most things can be done from home by phone and email. All roles will involve a 2-hour meeting (currently by Zoom) once a month.

Campaigning support

We already have a  great campaigning lead but she needs extra support because of the demands of her paid regional role with national City of Sanctuary. You’ll have an interest in local and national politics but you don’t need experience in campaigning (although it’d be great if you did have some!). As part of this role, you’ll:  

  • work alongside our campaigning lead, but increasingly taking responsibility
  • keep an eye on government and media sentiment towards asylum and immigration (scanning reports and headlines, checking in with key websites etc) 
  • liaise with key campaigning organisations and coalitions, such as Asylum Matters, Refugee Action, and Lift the Ban   
  • keep the RCoS committee informed of how we can support national campaigns
  • keep our supporters informed and help them add their voice to co-ordinated calls for action
  • look for opportunities to build public awareness about these issues (and helping to bust related myths)
  • occasionally draft letters to our MP, public agencies etc (choosing the right moment on the right issue, rather than bombarding them)  
  • occasionally liaise with the district council (HBC) and county council (NYCC) in matters relating to asylum-seeking and refugees
  • have excellent written English and the ability to write clearly, concisely and persuasively. 

Arts sub-committee members

If you’d like to get invoved in some big and exciting public arts projects led by Ripon Cathedral in 2022 and 2023, we’re already planning! More information here.


Schools work co-ordinator (this position has now been filled)

Supporting our schools lead, you’d help us to:

  • maintain relationships with the schools we work with + build relationships with schools we don’t yet know
  • support schools in achieving School of Sanctuary status
  • when fully confident, help deliver assemblies & workshops in schools

If you have a background in schools or refugee issues, that would be a plus! (As would a portable DBS).

Collection & distribution co-ordinator (this position has now been filled)

Working alongside our collections lead, you would:

  • Occasionally support the refugees in Ripon with their practical needs, eg sourcing good donated by supporters or to purchase from social websites (using our funds)
  • Help to co-ordinate the occasional collection of clothing and other items
  • Help to co-ordinate the distribution of those items to asylum centres, perhaps also making some trips yourself (especially to get to know the key contacts there, social distancing permitting)

Partnerships co-ordinator (this position has now been filled)

Working alongside our existing/experienced members, you’d help us to:

  • Ensure we keep our key partners informed about our work and needs (other Yorkshire refugee groups, support agencies, key individuals etc)
  • Exchange information with them
  • Co-ordinate mutually beneficial activities

If you have a background in client care or account management, that would be a plus!